Learning Engagement Alternative Program

The Learning Engagement Alternative Program (LEAP) provides experiential and project-based learning to meet the varied learning styles of Grade 8 students. The skills acquired during the year will assist the student in selecting a pathway matching their abilities. It will also focus on preparing students for success in Grade 9 by promoting:

Who are the LEAP & Locally Developed Programs for?

Students graduating from Gr 8 LEAP at GDHS often register for the Locally Developed program in gr 9. The Locally Developed Program is intended for students who require a measure of flexibility and support in order to meet the compulsory credit requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

LEAP & Locally Developed Programs are for students who …

Some students who enter secondary school do not have the necessary preparation to enable them to succeed in the secondary program. In order to provide students with the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and skills, the Halton District School Board offers LEAP and locally developed courses in grade 8, 9 and 10 which transition into workplace pathway courses for grades 11 and 12. 

Key Benefits and Opportunities for Students

Students in LEAP & Locally Developed Program have the opportunity to:

Credits Earned

Students in the LEAP program will be able to earn up to 4 (four) credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diplomaduring their Gr 8 year at GDHS.

Referrals, Applications, and Contact

Students are typically referred to LEAP through their elementary school in their grade 7 year. A LEAP Parent Information Evening typically occurs in January or February. Applications to LEAP are completed with assistance from the elementary school and are typically due in March. 

For more information contact Mr Avramidis, LEAP Coordinator: avramidisv@hdsb.ca