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The HDSB is providing literacy and mathematics resources for families to support student achievement and enhance learning at home and school.

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Online COVID-19 School Screening Tool
Students and staff must complete the online COVID-19 School Screening Tool prior to attending school each day. 

Complete School Screening Tool

Mental Health &
Well-Being Resources
Mental health and well-being support and resources are available for students and parents/guardians.  

Mental Health & Well-Being Resources

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Exam Schedule

More details will be provided to families via email, and posted on this website, when available.
Note: Period 4 and Period 3 exams are on Friday, June 23rd at 9:30am and 12:45pm, respectively.

June 22 @ 9:30am: Period 5 Exams

June 23 @ 9:30am: Period 4 Exams

June 23  @ 12:45pm: Period 3 Exams

June 26 @ 9:30am: Period 2 Exams

June 27 @ 9:30am: Period 1 Exams

Summer School 2023

Important Updates

Weekly Newsletter - Friday, June 9

Hello GDHS Families,

June is National Indigenous History Month.  Indigenous History Month is observed Nationally in June as First Nations, Métis and Inuit are the history of this land. It is a time to deepen your understanding of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis histories, truths, beauty, and brilliance. It is also a time to celebrate the joy of Indigenous peoples from coast to coast to coast!

Final Evaluation Block Schedule

Here is the schedule for our Final Evaluation Block.  Please note that the periods are not in order, so play close attention to the date and time associated with each period of the day.

Courses that are dual credit will write in the earlier time slot to allow for more marking time. For example, a course that runs periods 4 and 5 will write their exam in the period 5 block.

Those students with an exam in both periods 3 and 4 (and thus writing two exams on Friday, June 23rd) have the option to move their afternoon exam to another day. Those students wishing to move their exam need to contact their alpha VP.

Summer School Registration

Now that 15th week reports have been sent home, please take the time to review and consider summer school as an option for courses that may be in risk. Students may also want to consider the opportunity to take an additional course through summer school in order to reach ahead. There is a full list of available courses, as well as information about the format of summer school and dates/times, on the home page of the GDHS website.  Students must register for summer courses through their myBlueprint.ca/halton account. Bussing to Craig Kiellburger SS in Milton is available from GDHS and Ethel Gardener PS. Although registration does not close until June 29th, please register sooner rather than later as some courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment or reach capacity.

Bussing information to Craig Kielburger Summer School in Milton is now available. Students are asked to arrive at their morning stop a minimum of 5 mins prior to pick up time.

AM Run: Stop, Location, Time

PM Run: Stop, Location, Time

GDHS Arts Banquet and Award Winners

The GDHS Arts Banquet was a huge success! Students were celebrating their contributions to the extracurricular activities in style with huge smiles on their faces. Many students received awards for their hard work, talent, commitment, and positivity. The 2023 award winners are as follows:





Sincere congratulations to all winners!  And most sincere thanks to the staff who have dedicated their time to providing wonderful Arts opportunities to our students this year!

Graduating Students with SEA Equipment

A reminder to graduating students that all SEA (Spec Ed) devices such as Chromebooks and laptops must be returned. Please drop them off at the Resource Room (101) as soon as you can. Please make sure they are clearly labelled with your name. If you need to keep your device until exams are over, please email Ms. Lamont (lamonts@hdsb.ca) to let her know.  Thank you!

Visual Art and our Community

Congratulations to our Grade 11 Art Students who met their goal and worked with local businesses to create custom printed summer camp bags for all kids at our local women's shelter. They also made custom pajamas for the women at the shelter. Special thanks to Tonya Gale who did an amazing job as a parent behind the scenes volunteer, putting in many hours for this important cause. This project was an awesome way to see art connecting kids to our community and using their skills for positive impact. 

GDHS Athletics

Congratulations to the Junior Boys Soccer Team who are our most recent Champions, having just won the Halton Tier 1 Championship!

This week we celebrated our 2022-23 athletes at our annual Athletic Banquet.  Congratulations to our well-deserving award recipients!

Staying Informed

Please see the GDHS Website for all upcoming events, key dates, and social media feeds.

-Your GDHS Admin Team

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