Student Success

Student Success Programs and Initiatives at GDHS

In the spirit of student success, GDHS provides students multiple opportunities to ensure their success throughout high school. Programs and initiatives include:

  • Credit Recovery: A student who fails a course works with a teacher to retake the units where he or she did not initially meet expectations. This provides the student with another chance to demonstrate his or her understanding of specific topics, rather than retaking the entire course. To enrol in the credit recovery program, a student must have the approval of his or her School Credit Recovery Team which includes the principal, student success teacher and guidance head.

  • Credit Rescue: Teachers offer an opportunity for a student to complete missed or incomplete assignments in order to “rescue” a credit that may be at risk, typically near the end of the semester.

  • Dual Credits: Partnership programs between school boards and colleges provide an opportunity for senior students to earn secondary school and college credits at the same time. These credits are applied to their OSSD and college diploma or Level 1 apprenticeship training.

  • Self-Paced Learning: Students requiring a self-paced self-directed learning environment may meet with their Guidance counsellor to discuss opportunities to enrol in the Self-Paced Learning (SPL) Program. SPL courses may start and finish at any point in the semester and allow more flexible timetabling for students.

  • Zap the Zero Days: Students are invited to attend school during PD Days in order to work with a teacher and complete missed assignments or redo assignments that didn't meet expectations.

Jillian Howarth
Student Success Lead Teacher
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