Grade 8-9 Information

Welcome Grade 8s and families!

There are lots of opportunities for grade 8 students to meet the staff and students of GDHS as they prepare their course choices for grade 9. There are lots of events throughout the year to help prepare students for their transition to high school.

Gr 8 Spring Orientation

Spring Orientation 2022

Key Transition Dates 2021-2022

Course selection materials for gr 9 courses

All gr 8 students attending GDHS in Sept of their gr 9 year must complete this Option Sheet. Feeder school students submit this sheet to gr 8 homeroom teacher

Course descriptions for all GDHS courses and specialized program information for Locally Developed, French Immersion, Gifted, and ALP, and IB programs

This handbook provides students and families a comprehensive overview on transitioning to high school, graduation requirements, regional programs, and more

This slideshow is presented at the Gr 8 Parent Night and Open House at GDHS in November

For information about ALP, including the application form and timelines, visit this ALP/IB website

Gr 8 students experience a "Day in the Life of a Gr 9 Student"


Video Tutorials for Grade 8s

OSSD Requirements

Exploring Secondary School Programs in HDSB

Selecting Courses at HDSB Secondary Schools

Choosing the right classes for me

An overview document about the types of course offerings in grade 9

Supporting the transition to High School

Link Crew Leaders

All grade 9 students receive a Link Leader as a senior mentor in the school. These leaders help our grade 9 students as they transition to high school. They are positive role models and enhance our school spirit by helping to implement a year-long program that integrates new students into our school's community.

Link Leaders organize Gr 9 Orientation Day, which typically occurs the week before Labour Day.