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Important Updates

Friday, December 4, 2020:

Hello GDHS families,

We are truly in the home stretch before the Winter Break. Staying caught up with work is increasingly important as the Quadmester progresses, so please help us reinforce the importance of work completion and staying engaged with classes. If your child is feeling overwhelmed by their workload, please reach out to their vice principal or guidance counsellor. We can help students develop work completion strategies and facilitate teacher-student communication to ensure that students have a successful Quad.

We are also aware that this time of year can put strain on families for a variety of reasons. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help, as the more we know the better we are able to support our students.

Transfer to Virtual Learning for Quadmester 3

For any students wishing to switch to fully virtual learning, the HDSB Change in Delivery Model form will open on Monday December 14th. You will receive direct messaging from the Board with a link to this form, and we will send it to all families as well. This change would be effective for the start of Quadmester 3, which begins on Monday February 8th.

A reminder that any student wishing to engage in fully virtual learning must complete this form and request a transfer to the Virtual Secondary School. All students who choose to remain at GDHS are expected to attend their in-person classes on their designated days.

**Quadmester 2 Schedule Change**

As a result of teacher and student feedback, the required double week of face-to-face time for class 4 (Quad 2, Period 2) has been moved earlier in January so as to avoid Final Performance Tasks and ensure students in both classes have face-to-face opportunities in the last few weeks of Quad 2. The revised calendar can be found here.

December 18th - Early Dismissal

The afternoon/virtual portion of the day will end at 1:55pm on Friday December 18th. Bus schedules for the day will remain the same. A detailed schedule for the day will follow soon.

GDHS Website Reminder

Please remember that our website - geo.hdsb.ca, is an excellent resource. It contains staff contact information, program information, key dates, quadmester calendars, all of your guidance needs, and a wide variety of school-related information.

Schedule for Next Week

Next week, students have their Quad 2 Period 2 class in the morning, and are at home for their Quad 2 Period 1 class in the afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing Cohort A in the building on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings next week. We look forward to seeing Cohort B in the building on Thursday and Friday next week. Please see here for a Quadmester 2 calendar overview.

-Your GDHS Admin Team

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