Technological Education

The Tech Department provides a variety of course offerings in both "hard" and "soft" technology. With over 50 different technology courses to select from in grades 9-12, there is a tech program that's right for you! Below are the different areas and trades we offer courses in:

  • Communications Technology (ie: print and graphics, video production, graphic design, etc)

  • Computer Technology (ie: electronics, computer engineering, robotics, control systems, etc)

  • Construction Technology (ie: custom woodworking, building construction, cabinetmaking, construction engineering, etc)

  • Hairstyling and Aesthetics (ie: hairstyling, makeup, cosmetology, etc)

  • Hospitality and Tourism (ie: chef training and baking)

  • Manufacturing Technology (ie: welding)

  • Technological Design (ie: architecture, interior design, technological design, etc)

  • Transportation Technology (automotive, auto service, small engines and recreational equipment, etc)

Technology at GDHS