French Immersion

The French Immersion program at GDHS is a continuation of the early French Immersion program studied in elementary school and provides students with a wide variety of Francophone experiences. Students continuing in the French Immersion Program at high school must take the following grade 9 courses in the French language:

  • Français - FIF1D

  • Sciences - SNC1D

  • Arts Dramatiques - ADA1O

  • Géographie - ADA1O

A minimum of 3,800 hours is required for admission into the Grade 9 French Immersion program.

Students will fulfill the 6 remaining credits in the French language over grades 10-12 through the following courses:

    • Grade 10:

      • Career Education - GLC2O

      • Civics - CHV2O

      • Français - FIF2D

      • History - CHC2D

    • Grade 11:

      • World History to 15th Century - CHW3M

      • Français - FIF3U

    • Grade 12:

      • Français - FIF4U

For additional information, please feel free to contact Adrianna Sisti, French Department Head at 905-877-6966 or by email:

Grade 8 Parents' Night (Immersion)

French Immersion Information from HDSB

Visit the HDSB French Immersion website for more information.