Locally Developed Program

The Locally Developed Program offers smaller class sizes in compulsory courses and increased levels of Special Education support to help students transition to high school and be successful in their grades 9 and 10 years. Students get opportunities to build positive connections with their peers, practice mindfulness, access field trip opportunities, and work on improving their learning skills while working on their compulsory courses.

Locally Developed course offerings in grade 9 are:

  • Geography CGC1P9

  • English ENG1L9

  • Math MAT1L9

  • Science SNC1L9

Locally Developed course offerings in grade 10 are:

  • Career Studies GLC2O9 and Civics and Citizenship CHV2O9

  • English ENG2L9

  • History CHC2L9

  • Math MAT2L9