Business and Computer Studies

Students taking business classes at GDHS have an opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of business, apply and experience the curriculum through simulations, experiential learning opportunities and differentiated tasks. Students will also develop their communication skills, with a focus on speaking within a business context to a professional audience. Students will be challenged to apply higher-order thinking skills to solve real business problems.

Computer studies at GDHS offers a variety of courses to help students develop a deeper understanding of the world of computer science and computer programming, and to help focus their interests in this area.

Course Pathways

Grade 9

  • Information Technology (BTT1O)

Grade 10

  • Introduction to Business (BBI2O)

  • Introduction to Computer Studies (ICS2O)

Grade 11

  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BAF3M)

  • Understanding Canadian Law (CLU3M)

  • Entrepreneurship: The Venture (BDI3C)

  • Information & Communication Technology (BTA3O)

  • Marketing Goods, Services, Events (BMI3C)

  • Sports and Entertainment Management (IDC3OS)

  • Introduction to Computer Programming (ICS3U)*

*Prerequisite highly recommended

Grade 12

  • Financial Accounting Principles Accounting (BAT4M)

  • Canadian & International Law (CLN4U)

  • Analyzing Current Economic Issues (CIA4U)

  • Business Leadership (BOH4M)

  • International Business (BBB4M)

  • Computer Programming (ICS4U)


DECA is a business case-based club that gives students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the business world. The club allows all students in grades 9 through 12 to gain hands-on business experience outside of the classroom.

Students are given an opportunity to enter case competitions as a team or individually. Events are broken up into various marketing and business-related fields including marketing, management, law, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, and human resources.

The GDHS team meets weekly and students are given time to practice with advisors. Each week students build and develop decision-making, teamwork, problem solving, and independent thinking skills - all skills proven to be very beneficial in a business environment.